Route planning our Oklahoma Road Trip

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

We’re driving from the Salt Lake Valley to Oklahoma next week to see my family, and show the girls around my old stomping grounds, and to visit Coney Islander, El Maguey, Whataburger, Arnie’s Bar, and maybe a Ron’s. You know, important stuff.

I’m route planning here based on: How likely we are to get blizzarded, and what roadside attractions we can find. Here we go:

Headed out:


Ames Brothers Pyramid:

Tree in the Rock:

Big Giant Head of Abe Lincoln:

Gas Station Tumbleweed Town:


Giant statue of ice cream cone:

Caterpillar of tires:

UFO Water Tower:


Gallery of people who lost various presidential elections:

Mini Statue of Liberty:

World’s largest ball of twine (unclear if they mean by circumference, or by mass, but an A+ twine-related feature): 

Our crowning achievement: The girls and the World's Largest Ball of Twine

Our crowning achievement: The girls and the World’s Largest Ball of Twine

World’s tiniest church:

Suitcase tombstone of traveling salesman:

World’s tallest mennonite:

The Troll:


An 18-wheeler that’s on its nose:

The Creek Cemetery in Atwoods shopping center in SAND SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA:


The way back:


Alien Road Art:

Elvis Stayed Here:



The Cadillac Ranch (Katie and I visited before, and the girls need a turn:

New Mexico:

Walter White’s Tombstone(!)

Gallup Sun Dagger

Four Corners (last time, Norah was only a few months old)


Newspaper Rock:

Hole in the Rock (Moab)

Giant Pile of Rocks (art)

Giant coal miner:

This is where Kevin Bacon danced:
So, let me know what I need to add or subtract! Comment!

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