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For Geneva, at 6 years old

Six years ago magic entered my world Continue reading

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For Geneva, on her fifth birthday

Aprill 27, 2010 – I sat, shivering and praying, in a dim hallway while the doctors prepped my wife in another room.

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For Norah, on her second birthday

Dear Norah, It’s been two years since you came into the world, a tiny bundle of screaming energy. What would those two years have been like without you? I don’t know everything about what it would be like, but I … Continue reading

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Getting out the door with a toddler

When I was single, I could do stuff almost as soon as I thought about it. Even after marriage, I could do stuff almost as soon as I thought about it. For example, if I wanted to go on a … Continue reading

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Grabby Evie

Geneva learned to grab things. Her favorite thing to grab right now is our glasses. She also likes to bend things she grabs. I’ll let you know when the inevitable happens.

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Homeward bound 2.0

I was supposed to be home last night. I am not. I am sitting in some corporte-y hotel in Tampa, just a couple of miles from the airport. Storms in Dallas meant that the American flight from Tampa to Dallas … Continue reading

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